How do I add plugins to my Bukkit SMP server?

I was wondering how to add plugins to my Minecraft server. I am using Bukkit, and the things I would like to be able to do is spawn stuff, teleport to other players, set home locations, have an in-game currency/shop and be able to teleport to homes.


I would suggest you to download and configure the following bukkit plugins:

  • Permissions. Allows you to set up groups and commands for other users.
  • Essentials. Gives you /item, /spawn, /tp, /home, /warp, /time and much more.
  • iConomy. Sets up an currency system. Also gives you the possibility to withdraw and insert “Eura” (as the currency is called) into a users account.

There is also a full list of server mods/plugins.

With a quick search on the Bukkit forums, I found the plugin LocalShop, that seems like what you asked for about shops.

As for the “teleport to others homes” part, I’m still looking for something myself. But I guess the best thing is to ask the Essentials creator to implement this.

I also advice you to install HeroChat, as it’s a pretty good chat plugin, and BigBrother as it’s a very good system to help fix griefing.

Plugins are usually installed by placing them in the /plugins folder, but some plugins also have custom installation steps, and these steps are usually detailed in the forum post.

Source : Link , Question Author : shawn5657 , Answer Author : Nick Bolton

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