How do I appease the cops?

So, things didn’t go exactly smoothly during my last visit to the police station, and everyone inside is dead except me. Now, whenever I walk out the front door, I am very quickly put down by a few cops who happen to be standing outside.

How can I get them to not attack me on sight? Are they feeling vengeful because I slaughtered their coworkers, or is it just because I have my weapon drawn and don’t know what button will put it away?

I do know about an alternate exit, but that’s a pretty long detour and I’d rather just use the front door if at all possible.


You can holster it on the Xbox 360 by pressing Y or on the PlayStation 3. On the personal computer version it is H. Alternatively, you can un-equip it in the inventory screen.

However this is unlikely to help as you are probably be marked hostile by the police. There are 2 other doors you can take to get out. I would recommend you take the alternate exit and see if later in the game (if this is the first time in Detroit) the police will be less hostile.

Source : Link , Question Author : Invader Skoodge , Answer Author : CyberSkull

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