How do I beat the Picus boss?

After discovering the truth behind the anchor of Picus, Eliza Cassan, I am confronted by the mercenary Mantis, who has augmentations that match or even defeat mine.

Any damage I do seems quickly repaired, and once she cloaks I can’t find her any more.

What tactics should I use to beat her?


Note that Eliza will always warn you before the boss uncloaks to charge you in melee. Try to position yourself around one of the large power cells around the room. When the boss uncloaks to charge you, place yourself between her and the cell, and she’ll charge the cell, take damage, and be temporarily disabled (I’ve found that the easiest way on the hardest difficulty to do this is to jump over her as she charges, but I’m not sure if this is possible without the cybernetic leg prosthesis). Feel free to squeeze off a few head-shots with your weapon of choice while she’s incapacitated if you have the electricity-shield upgrade on your dermal armor;otherwise, jump like a bunny on crack if the electricity damages you to avoid taking the full amount of damage. To my knowledge, there is no immediate “safe” place to hide from the electricity damage, but I could be wrong here.

If she still has some health left after charging all four cells, a fairly easy way to get some decent damage in is to stun her with your stun gun or EMP grenades and shoot her a few times with your weapon of choice. Then run. Run like demon monkeys are after you and hide like a scared NPC.

You can also “see” her while she’s cloaked if you have the smart vision augmentation; this comes in handy to either plan surprise attacks or get to a safer location, as the boss moves quite slowly while cloaked, even on the hardest difficulty.

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