How do I become a goat again after turning into a bag?

I was walking around in the Goat Simulator: PayDay expansion when I came to a Bag Vendor with a platform to the left of it. I stood on the platform and literally mutated into a bag (a loot bag in PayDay).

Now all I can do is hop around as a bag. How do I change back into a Goat?

Note: I am assuming I can just restart the game or level, but I have completed almost all of the missions (pranks) so I do not want to start over. Opting to Respawn just put me back at the respawn area as a bag.


All of your unlocked mutators can be found and toggled on or off in the game menu, allowing you to turn on multiple mutators at once, or turn off unwanted ones.

Source : Link , Question Author : Zero , Answer Author : Parzival

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