How do I build a house for my NPCs?

I read on the wiki that people will move in under the following conditions:

  • You do something to please them
  • An empty house is available with a light source, table, and chair (also with walls).

I have a house which is about 7×8, then a roof space above that; about half the area. I could put furniture up there too, but will anyone move in?


Houses need to fulfill a set
of requirements to be considered a
proper house. The step-by-step guide
to making a house is as follows:

  • The room must be at least approximately 42 blocks away from any corruption.

  • Build the walls and roof. The room must be five tiles tall at the least,
    not counting the roof itself.

  • The floor cannot be only wood platform, there must be a place for the NPC to stand without him standing on wood platforms.
    Make sure the room is big enough to be considered a proper house as well.

  • Fill in the house with background walls. Any player-placed wall will work.

  • Place a light source inside the room. A torch on the wall works fine, but
    you can also use candles and other
    such fancy items. You can make said
    fancy decorations with metals at an

  • Place at least one “Comfort Item”(chair) and a “Flat Surface Item”(table) in the house.

  • Place a Door in the house, in one of the walls.

Assuming you’ve done everything right,
the game should treat your room as a
house. The first house you build will
be taken by the Guide
, and any further
houses by whichever NPCs appear.

There is also a size limit (60-750 tiles including walls, floor and ceiling), and the first house you build will always go to the guide.

Source : Link , Question Author : The Communist Duck , Answer Author : BlueRaja – Danny Pflughoeft

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