How do I change which direction I’m facing when swinging?

I’m climbing a wall in the first level of Psychonauts and can’t figure out how to get Raz to turn around while hanging from a bar, so that I can jump to the one on the left.


This is a little embarassing, because I feel like I’ve tried everything:

  • Left and right make me swing around on the bar.
  • Up and down make me shimmy from end to end.
  • Spacebar jumps off (in the wrong direction)
  • Cancel lets go of the bar.

What button do I press to make Raz turn around and face the other direction?


To switch direction, you press the use key. (I bound it to W, but the default is F.)

Screenshot of Bindings menu

(Equally embarrassing: I figured it out as soon as I posted the question.)

Source : Link , Question Author : Brant , Answer Author : Brant

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