How do I complete the “Get hit by a car” challenge in Goat Simulator?

I’m playing the newly-updated 1.1 version of Goat Simulator. One of the new challenges in the game is to “Get hit by a car”. I have mercilessly thrown my goat into every type of car and truck I could find, but to no avail. What department of goat do I need to register with in order to get rewarded for my reckless behavior?


Sadly enough, this appears to be a bug as reported here:

“Car Accident” quest in the Goat Bay does not work. I get hit by those cars driving down the road, but the resulting 20 points lists no source. Trucks work fine, it reads those, but it doesn’t read those cars as capable of inflicting “Hit by a car”.

Source : Link , Question Author : Zibbobz , Answer Author : Shadow Wizard Is Vaccinated V3

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