How do I connect power to a light bulb?

I can’t seem to figure out how to connect my light bulb to the generator to make it turn on. How do I do this?


I’m going to try and answer this as clearly as I can as I have just worked out how to get everything working. This is how you connect power to objects in your settlement:

  • What you want to do first, as I realise you have already, is get the source of power, i.e. your generator
  • Next, couple the generator with one of the ‘power pylons’ from the ‘connectors and switches tab’. Add a cable between the generator and the pylon
  • The next step is optional; add a ‘switch’, again from the ‘connectors and switches’ tab, and place it on a wall somewhere. Attach a wire between the pylon and the switch

    Some lights, like the ‘construction’ lights, can be wired straight into the switch, and when you come out of workshop mode, you just flick the switch and they will come on

  • For other lights, TVs, etc you will need a ‘power conduit’, again from ‘connectors and switches’. There are three types of conduit, there is one for ceiling, wall and floor, and depending on which of these surfaces your desired item is going on, you choose the appropriate conduit. e.g. if you want a wall mounted light, you add a wall mounted conduit

  • Wire your conduit to the switch or to your power source that you installed earlier, then, add lights and TVs to your hearts content. You don’t need to wire them to anything

You must have copper in your (or your workshop’s) inventory to attach a wire, although you can delete a previously-built wire for a refund of copper used.

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