How do I copy an installed steam game on my PC to an external hard drive?

I have installed a game using Steam and it is already on my PC.

How do I copy the game into an external hard drive?


  1. Steam → Settings → Downloads → Steam Library Folders
  2. Click “Add Library Folder” (Add your external drive)
  3. Save and Close
  4. Go to your Library
  5. Right click on the game → Properties → Local Files
  6. Click “Move Install Folder…”
  7. Choose your external drive, and click Move

You can play off the external, you can even move the external drive to another PC and link the library to that PC’s steam and now you have it installed on whatever Steam is currently booted with the external.

Adding steam library folder

Moving game to another library

Source : Link , Question Author : alchemistgeek , Answer Author : PTwr

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