How do I create a wall of maps with item frames?

I recently came across this screenshot on the Minecraft wiki:

Map wall

When I try to put different maps in item frames adjacent to each other, they do not join. I can’t get any number of maps to join into a single image, even when the maps adjacent should actually fit together.

How do I align maps in item frames to join as shown in the picture?


Turns out the problem was that I am really disorganised. I had my maps all over the place and couldn’t wrap my head around it.

I started a new creative world to try from scratch, but this time I organised every map in my inventory in the same formation that it would be on the item frames:

enter image description here

I then created each map one by one, starting with the center, making sure I put it back in the correct position afterwards:

enter image description here

I did this until I had filled out every map:

enter image description here

After I had filled out all of the maps I put them in item frames row by row until I got this final result:

enter image description here

Source : Link , Question Author : Caleb , Answer Author : Caleb

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