How do I create villages?

I would like to create a village. Apparently this is possible as of Minecraft 1.4.2, so how do I do it?


There are two ways I know of to create a new village:

  1. Transplant villagers from an existing village: It’s possible to transport villagers from an existing village, such as by placing them in a minecart, but two criteria must be met for them to stay where you unload them:

    • They must be at least 32 blocks from the “center” of the existing village, or else they will simply return to the village.

    • There must be homes at the new village, or else they will simply wander.

    The wiki discusses what constitutes a “house” and also suggests a number of designs you can use.

  2. Cure some zombies: As the answer to this question indicates, zombies that spawn either in the wild or from spawners have a chance (10%) of being a zombie villager, which can then be cured using a splash potion of weakness and a golden apple. If you build a village according to the links I gave above, you can then populate it with nearby randomly-spawned zombie villagers that you have cured of their zombie status.

Source : Link , Question Author : fredley , Answer Author : Community

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