How do I deal with a runaway bride?

I killed my first wife once I found out there is a mercenary you can marry who gives you up to 300 gold a day (in Whiterun). The only requirement, of course, being that I had to hire her first. So I hired her, and then I popped the question, to which she replied the usual: tell the priest to arrange the wedding.

When we reached Riften I told her to wait, just outside the bee and barb, and arranged the wedding. I went through the process, and the second it finished she left, I followed but as I left she was nowhere to be seen. I have tried going back to my house, the pub where I hired her and that same spot in Riften about 6 times each now, some during the day, some during the night and cannot find her at all.

Now this isn’t to much of a problem because I can re-marry…oh wait, to remarry, my spouse has to die, so I can’t claim gold off her and can’t remarry, and the autosaves have been used up fast travelling to the places I thought she might’ve been. My last save is something like 6 levels ago, and I don’t want to have to load it.

What should I do about this situation?


This happened to my wife, Aela the Huntress, when I got married.

What I found out, is that she teleported outside Riften’s walls, and then began a slow walk back towards Jorvaskyr. (I could track her location because “Ask the leaders of the Companions about Work” was in my questlog).

Perplexingly, when I fast-traveled back to whiterun, I saw Vilkas and Farkas (who were both at the wedding) but no Aela. For whatever reason, she was traveling more slowly than any of us.

What this boils down to is that your newly wed wife is going back to her default location – so you were right to check the pub where you originally hired her – but wives tend to go about this extremely slowly.

My suggestion? Wait a few in-game days and then check the pub again.

Source : Link , Question Author : Liam Dunne , Answer Author : Raven Dreamer

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