How do I deal with an disloyal cabinet?

I got hooked on Democracy 3 today and have developed a quite successful country during my short reign, but for some reason my ministers seem to be working against me.

Lately their loyalty seems to drop rapidly whatever I do. This is in turn limiting my political capital and prevents me from pushing through some major changes in the country.

So I regularly have to fire some of them and replace them with loyal candidates, but this is not a viable long-term solution. It seems to me that the firing of ministers leads to a drop in the loyalty of all the others, which keeps me stuck in a vicious circle.

I could of course fire them all, but I don’t think I have enough good candidates and I would lose all of their experience.

  • Does firing a minister really lead to lower loyalty with the others?
  • What can I do to raise the loyalty of my existing ministers? (or at least keep it from falling)
  • What happens when you shuffle the whole cabinet?


If you fire the other ministers one by one, it does indeed lead to the loyalty of those you replace falling. This is why you use the “Reorganize cabinet” mechanic, which fires all of them simultaneously and causes a much smaller drop in loyalty. Then you can replace them all and reinstate the ones that are appropriate. You also need to be willing to put ministers with very low xp but very high loyalty into positions when they have good sympathies for your current ideals.

Source : Link , Question Author : magnattic , Answer Author : Lawton

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