How do I defeat the goo?

So I got to level 5 of Pixel Dungeon on my Android, equipped with a +3 dagger and a +4 leather armor, and was swiftly defeated by a goo, which kept “pumping itself up” and filling my wounds with acid.

How do I defeat it?


The easiest solution I’ve found is a combination of a few of the other techniques mentioned here. The door to Goo’s lair is always 1 wide and usually has some water.

  • Plant an earthroot seed in the patch of water nearest the door to get the armor buff and immediately wash off Goo’s goo.
  • Plant any damage over time (fire or poison) seed in the doorway. Standing on the seed won’t trigger it.
  • Throw something at Goo to get its attention and walk back to your earthroot
  • As Goo approaches throw anything at it for a few hits.
  • Tank Goo from your watery rooted stronghold.

This approach works with almost any standard armor and weapon combo for any class. With a warrior I never need a health potion with this strategy. Wizards are a little squishier but this can be overcome with a potion or two.

Source : Link , Question Author : Oak , Answer Author : Oak

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