How do I determine a landing position in Kerbal Space Program?

I like Kerbal Space Program. I have a good understanding of space flight and use maneuver nodes to assist.

I’m thinking about working on a multi-part Mün or Minmus station, using multiple ships to drop the base (perhaps several drops) and a rover.

But the difficulty I expect will be landing in the same position repeatably. When I’ve tested this on Kerbin I’m off, probably because of atmosphere slowing me down.

I watched this video by Scott Manley and he is able to drop items and hit the runway and VAB FROM SPACE!!!

Is there a trick or secret to landing (exactly) where you want?


I think the simplest way to do that (and that’s how I usually do) is to use MechJeb with the “land at target” function from orbit. Usually, if your lander is well balanced and not too creative with staging, is quite accurate. One time I actually landed on a previous lander while AFK.

In any case, you can use MechJeb to time the deorbit burn, and then fine tune the landing manually.

If you really don’t want to use autopilot, yes, maneuvers nodes don’t account for atmosphere, so on Kerbin aim to overshoot your target.
Actually, you have try to overshoot your target in any case, because if you don’t want to land “Jebediah Kerman style” you’re going to brake hard to kill your lateral (first) and vertical velocity before landing.

Source : Link , Question Author : Coomie , Answer Author : Duralumin

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