How do I determine my current bounty?

In Oblivion, one of the stats was your current bounty, which was a great way to double-check to make sure you weren’t caught when stealing, etc. But Skyrim doesn’t seem to have this.

I’ve found one proxy method: You can see your lifetime bounty in Stats/Crime. You have to keep your current amount memorized though, if you want to use it as a “did I just get caught” check.


On a console, press start -> stats tab -> 2nd or 3rd page down, it lists your exact bounties and in which cities 🙂

My guess is that on the PC it would be Esc or something… it’s there the first page is your quests, the second is “stats” and the third your saves.

Source : Link , Question Author : D0SBoots , Answer Author : Oak

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