How do I disable the windows key when in-game?

Trying to get rid of the ‘press windows key in middle of game and it returns back to windows, and then I can’t alt-tab back in for 15 seconds’ problem.

Specifically, I’m playing SC2 on a 32-bit Windows7 computer. I’ve looked at WinKeyKiller, but it appears not to be doing the job. Is there no simple way to say ‘disable the win, alt-tab, etc, keys when some process is running?’



For Starcraft II specifically there’s actually an in-game option to disable windows key and/or alt-tab. It’s under “Gameplay” the 2nd and 3rd last options.

Also for SC2 if you set the graphics setting to “Windowed (Fullscreen)” it will let you instant-alt-tab. It says it may cause a drop in performance but I personally haven’t noticed it and the ability to alt-tab instantly is worth any small performance drop unless you’re on a really low end system. (I browse the web when searching for matches, and just have “Play in background” turned on for the sound so I can hear when one is found).

Source : Link , Question Author : AlexeyMK , Answer Author : Davy8

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