How do I duplicate items?

I just retrieved the Jagged Crown in Skyrim for Xbox 360, and see that it sells for 5000 gold. I heard that there is a duplication glitch in putting the item on a mannequin.

Anyone know how to do this? Where can I find one in the game? I do not yet have a house.



  • Must have completed Dark Brotherhood questline
  • Must have got the Mannequin upgrade in the new Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary.

The Guide

Firstly, make sure you have the requirements stated above. Now, go to
the sanctuary in dawnstar. Proceed to the room with the Mannequin.
Click on the Mannequin to activate it. Press Square (PS3) or X (Xbox)
to store your desired apparel into the Mannequin. Now, do NOT back out
of the menu. Go back up to ‘Apparel’ on the mannequin and take your
armour back out. Now, exit the menu and equip the armour that you had
originally put in the Mannequin.

Next, quickly leave the Sanctuary. Once you have left, re-enter and go
back to the Mannequin. You will notice that if you have done it right,
the Mannequin will have your apparel equipped. Take it off him, and
repeat if you want to keep getting sets of armour.

Also, for PC, the console command player.additem DA750 (number you want goes here) will do exactly that; add the number you want of the crown in your inventory. Or you could do 000000f or just f, which is gold.

Source : Link , Question Author : Bobby , Answer Author : Community

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