How do I escape the Far Lands?

I’m stuck in the Far Lands where nothing seems to load and I get kicked out after a period of time.

I’m trying to do a /home right when I’m logging in but I get a timeout before it even appear in the console and it doesn’t seems to works, and each time I have to reset the server. Anyone have any suggestion to fix that without reseting the world?

Note: Yeah, I know I’m stupid to venture on the Far Lands but the curiosity won. 😛


Try using NBTEdit to edit your location. Assuming you’re running the multiplayer server, the file will be located here:


…where server and world are the folders the Minecraft server and world files are in, respectively. If you aren’t running it, you’ll have to ask the administrator to fix it for you, though.

It may be a good idea to look at other player data and set your coordinates to the same as theirs.

Note that I’m not sure if this will actually work, though; I’m going off the assumption that the player dat files are just per-player NBT files, and NBTEdit is fairly old.

Here’s the link to NBTEdit:

Source : Link , Question Author : Warface , Answer Author : Kevin Yap

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