How do I find Dungeons in Minecraft?

In Minecraft survival mode, there are dungeon rooms with mob spawning machines, mossy cobblestones and special treasures. What’s the best way to find those? I found one the other day and have been looking for more because it was great fun to beat, might be fun to farm, and had awesome special prizes.


An easy way, which you may consider cheating, is using a map viewer.

Without doing that, there are at least two ways:

Image of a mossy cobblestone block

  • Listen for a mass of zombie or spider sounds underground. They love to make noise and you can hear them through walls, making them easy to find. There’s a chance that you’ll find an underground cave or a dungeon near them. Creepers do not make noise but there are no such creeper dungeons.

Some guesses:

Levels have relatively little pattern between components like caves and veins so dungeons might be completely randomly placed, even near the top of the levels:

I’d guess that deeper down you have a better chance, but without diving into the code there’s no way to confirm this.

Out of interest:

If your goal is to generate a map with lots of dungeons then Minecraft Seeds provides random seeds that do exactly that. Here are three examples:

Note that an update to map generation could change what a seed produces.

Source : Link , Question Author : clweeks , Answer Author : Sadly Not

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