How do I find unique charms in Diablo 2?

I’ve tried researching this one on my own and I’ve come up with several different answers depending on the site I’m checking. I’d like some solid information on obtaining unique charms in Diablo 2. There are three in total: Annihilus, Gheed’s Fortune, and the Hellfire Torch.

Can I find unique charms while playing single player? If so, do they drop on a specific difficulty (Nightmare, Hell)? Details on all three would be helpful.


Gheed’s Fortune is a random monster drop, but is a Ladder Only item. Here is a nice drop chance calculator for any item. It also has some basic information about drops and Magic Find.

Both the Annihilus and Hellfire Torch can only be found via special events on the Realms ( servers) on either Ladder or Non-Ladder, Hell Difficulty only.

Source : Link , Question Author : spugsley , Answer Author : Community

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