How do I get a running start after landing?

In PUBG, when you first hit the ground, your character usually crouches down and puts their hand on the ground to brace their impact. During this animation, you cannot move and you have to wait for the animation to complete before you can begin walking.

Sometimes when I land, I’ve noticed that this animation doesn’t happen, and I am able to begin moving practically immediately. This is rather advantageous since it could mean the difference between picking up a gun that you and another player are racing for. Is there anyway to make this happen every time you land? Is it something to do with the angle of how I land?


The impact of landing depends on the type of area you are landing on, the type of landing i.e. fast landing, slow landing, etc and the angle of landing. You can start running when the impact is low but when it is high, your character will try to brace himself.

Source : Link , Question Author : Timmy Jim , Answer Author : Muhammad Sarib

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