How do I get past the first turret in Deus Ex Human Revolution?

I’m trying to get past it without it going hostile so I can get the Foxiest of the Hounds achievement, but I can’t get to the door across the hallway (not the one with the concussion mine next to it) without it spotting me.

I’ve taken the large crate and tossed it down the hallway to block the turrets view of me, but even with a tiny little gap between the crates the turret spots me.

Is the only way to use my first and only Praxis point for a strength augmentation, and then physically move the turret out of the way?


There should be a vent that leads to the other end of the hallway behind the turret (where the advanced hacking tutorial is made available). There’s also a number of cardboard boxes in the vicinity. Just grab some and stack them up in front of the turret so it cannot see into the hallway. The turret won’t see you as long as you stay behind the crates.

After you obstruct its view, you could then return to the other end of the hallway and make your way into the room.

Source : Link , Question Author : Brandon , Answer Author : Jeff Mercado

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