How do I get the Condor VTOL out of the park for the related vehicle delivery mission?

I have attempted this particular vehicle theft mission at least a half dozen times now. I have to raid a STAG outpost that mysteriously popped up inside of one of the city’s parks, and steal a Condor VTOL, and fly it to the airport.

The problem is that this vehicle is made from papier-mâché. If it isn’t already smoking by the time I fly out of the park, random police and STAG soldiers shooting at it quickly get it to that point. I can eventually get up high enough to be outside the range of small arms fire, but then when I try to land at the airport, enough soldiers have already massed there that they put the final few bullet holes in the plane and I smash into the delivery point in a charred mass of metal and phallic weaponry.

What’s the trick to this vehicle theft?


If you’ve reached respect level 20, you can buy Notoriety Wipe: Police from the Upgrade Store. This adds a number to your cell phone’s contact list which, as the name implies, completely removes your police notoriety when called.

Call that number as soon as you enter the Falcon and your notoriety spikes — you’ll be able to fly off at your leisure, unmolested by local law enforcement. Avoid causing any property damage along the way, and you’ll be allowed to land peacefully, as well.

Source : Link , Question Author : agent86 , Answer Author : Ben Blank

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