How do I guard a worker or settler in Civilization V?

In Civ V you can’t have two military units on top of each other, but it’s ok to have a military unit in the same hex as a worker or settler to guard them. The thing is, I have to move the settler and the military unit separately and make sure they end up on the same hex every turn. Is there a way to automatically group them together, so that I don’t accidentally leave my settler or worker unguarded?


I have read all of the relevant sections of the CIV 5 manual in PDF form. I have experimented with every possible button in the user interface while military units are in the same hex as settlers/workers. There does not appear to be a way to automatically group the units together for defense. You have to do it manually, at least for now. Hopefully this will change with patches, or at least a mod.

Source : Link , Question Author : Apreche , Answer Author : Apreche

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