How do I improve my chances of getting silk touch when enchanting?

I’d like to have an item enchanted with silk-touch, but of course the enchants are all random.
Is there a combination of enchantment level and item material that would give me the best odds of getting the silk touch enchantment?


In more recent updates, you can see in advance what your enchantment will be (at least in part) AND it also randomizes after accepting an enchantment AND it allows the exchange to cherry pick enchantments.

By bringing a bunch of rubbish items to enchant in addition to your one diamond pickaxe will allow you to enchant the pickaxe only when it is silk touch. Via exchanging say an iron hoe with the pickaxe and lesser enchanting that instead will randomize again allowing you to try again with the pickaxe. Of course you would use levels to enchant the garbage items but doing lower enchantment will use less levels allowing for more tries.

So where you used to need 150/180 levels to try 6 diamond pickaxes you can look at dozens of tries for the same number of levels.

Source : Link , Question Author : Kurley , Answer Author : Qaz Wiz

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