How do I increase the maximum amount of weight my character can carry before they become encumbered?

In Skyrim, as with most RPGs, I find myself overwhelmed by a compulsive desire to obtain all of the things. All of them. To this end, I wound up picking up five iron warhammers…only to find out that I had exceeded my maximum weight carrying capacity and that my character had been slowed to a snail’s pace. This simply cannot do: I need to make sure I have as much storage space as possible so I can sell as much as possible and become rich quickly. How do I increase the amount of storage space my character can carry? Alternatively, is there a way to disable this system altogether? I find it very annoying.


  • When you level up, if you select stamina, you will increase your
    carry weight by 5 pounds.
  • Also for 3 perk points, you can get the Extra Pockets perk in the
    Pickpocket tree which increases your carrying capacity by 100. This
    perk does require 50 skill in Pickpocket.
  • The Light Armor and Heavy armor trees have perks that let your armor
    become weightless.

    • Weightless Heavy Armor costs 4 perks, and needs 70 skill.
    • Weightless Light Armor costs 3 perks, and 50 skill.
  • There are pieces of armor with the ‘Fortify Carry Weight’ enchantment
  • There are 6 alchemical ingredients with the ‘Fortify Carry Weight’ property and potions of the same name.
  • Finally, if you can find it, the Steed Stone will also increase how
    much you can carry.

Source : Link , Question Author : Mana , Answer Author : AnnanFay

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