How do I kill mobs using /kill without them dropping loot?

I have a spawn area I am hoping to make a safe haven, so I have a command block on a clock that kills each hostile mob type. This works to keep the place free of any hostile mobs, however every night I see rotten flesh, bones, arrows, and string everywhere.

I would like to add something to my command blocks so that they are killed without dropping loot. How can I accomplish this?

Note that I want mobs to drop loot generally elsewhere in the world, so /gamerule doMobLoot false will not do the trick for me. I’m hoping for a command that only applies to the mobs killed by the command block, and not anything else.


You can simply teleport all hostile mobs in a certain radius 256 blocks down. May they, and their drops, rest in peace in the void below the world.

Source : Link , Question Author : Gigazelle , Answer Author : Sumurai8

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