How do I kill Namir?

So I made a pretty big mistake.* No need wallowing over it, I’m here now.

Point is, I’m at the third boss in Deux Ex: Human Revolution, and I lost all my augmentations. Basically, I have a permanent EMP. This puts me at a severe disadvantage.

Can I still kill him? How do I do it?

(I have a few weapons, but nothing interesting. I’m working mostly with what I can pick up around me, which is hard with my vision impaired like this.)

*Huge spoilers below here. Do not read this unless you are already in Singapore. You have been warned.

Basically, if you followed Prittchard’s advice and went to a LIMB clinic to get your biochip replaced, you’ve pretty much given the antagonist a kill-switch. Prior to the boss-fight, she activates it and puts you in a constant EMP.


I hope you have a handy supply of frag mines.

The way I beat him was to stick around the outside ring until he became visible and tried to chuck some grenades at me. Then I’d run around the corner and drop a frag mine midway to the next corner. He’ll often chase me and then take a hit from the mine. Just be really careful to avoid that frag mine if it ends up not being triggered (run through the inside ring instead).

Once I ran out of frag mines, I started using concussion mines to stun him for a few seconds, which let me snipe him a few times.

Always keep moving as he’ll jump over some walls to get at you if you start camping in one corner. You do not want to be up close and personal with his plasma gun. I pretty much spent the entire fight running from one outside corner of the room to the other.

The same tactics can be used without augs, but he’ll be harder to spot and react to without the see through walls aug.

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