How do I know who I slept with?

I have an ME1 save, but no longer have access to the game itself. I wish to start a new game in ME2 (Xbox 360) based on this save in preparation for ME3.

I haven’t started the playthrough yet and am wondering how I can tell who I had a romance with in ME1? This will determine how I will make my romantic decisions in both ME2 and ME3.


Once you gain access to the Normandy SR-2, take a peek around Shepard’s personal quarters.

If you had a love interest in Mass Effect 1, Shep will have a framed picture of them on zer desk.

If you then go on to romance someone else, Shep will tactfully… place the picture face down.

Source : Link , Question Author : deutschZuid , Answer Author : Raven Dreamer

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