How do I launch Skyrim in fullscreen mode on a secondary monitor?

I’m trying to play Skyrim on my secondary monitor (dual monitor setup). Short of changing my primary monitor, is there any way to force it to open there? (I play in fullscreen). My initial guess was that simply changing the graphics adapter would do the trick – but it didn’t. I’m using Windows 7.


Your best bet is probably going to be to run the game in Borderless Windowed mode. There are a number of mods and scripts to force the game to do this.

This is the most popular one and was recommended when the question was asked here at Gaming.SE, but comments indicate it’s having problems after the latest patch – presumably due to Bethesda changing the way the games executable interacts with Steam.

This alternative provides a script for the free, popular AutoHotKey utility which claims to resize the window.

As always, YMMV as to the stability of the game with either of these options, especially this soon after release, while the game is still being very actively patched.

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