How do I limit my gaming?

I love to play games, but being married now and going to school I find myself falling into the pit of spending too much time gaming. What are some good techniques to limiting my game-play so that I don’t have an angry misses and actually get some things done around the house while still enjoying my games? Or are there any software solutions that can limit somehow my game-play?


Be picky about which games you play, when you play, how long you’ll play, and what you’ll put up with.

When you’re limiting the number of hours you play, you want to make those hours the best possible experience.

Don’t play a game that is dumb or doesn’t make you feel awesome.

Don’t play when someone else needs your attention. They won’t like it, you won’t like it, and you won’t enjoy the game as much.

If you’re playing a multi-player game and can’t find the right folks to play with, quit. If your friends aren’t online, or you the people you want to play with are already engaged, or the people you find yourself playing with are assholes, quit.

Don’t play instead of sleeping. Being well-rested has a big affect on patience, ability to learn, and motivation. Those will, in turn, affect your relationships, school work, quality of parenting, exercise, food choices, etc.

When my second & third kids were born (twins!) I was so very exhausted I couldn’t cope. If I got a chance to sleep, I would get woken up 30 minutes later, which sucked. I played games instead, because being engaged in them made me not notice how tired I felt. But of course, this just made the problem worse. Watch out for that.

Source : Link , Question Author : James Mertz , Answer Author : Jay Bazuzi

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