How do I make an effective Minecraft SMP trap?

Alright, so on a SMP server that I play, there’s been some raids by other players to grab my stuff, and occasionally killing me and taking my inventory. So, I’d like to make some traps for them the next time they come in. What’s the best way to make a trap for them?

Attributes I’d like would be

  1. Simple: Although I likely have enough redstone dust and such to make a complex trap, I’d prefer a design I’m unlikely to mess up, as I’ve blown myself up before trying to make a TNT-related trap.

  2. Inescapable: Well, this goes without saying. I suppose anything can be escaped/avoided with the right foreknowledge and equipment, but I’d like something they’re nearly certain to fall into. That said, I’d prefer it if the trap wasn’t something I could accidentally kill myself with as I go around my house.

  3. Finally, I’d like a trap that doesn’t destroy all the equipment along with the enemy player, is it would be nice to loot their diamond swords instead of burning them. (Although, I’d be fine with some lava traps as a last line of defense if they avoid everything else.)

Thanks in advance for your help!

To clarify, in the servers I mainly play on, it’s usually just default gameplay, as abusing admin powers to raid is not allowed. So assume the enemy players have the best possible equipment (diamond pickaxes, swords, armor, bows, TNT, water/lava blocks, etc.), but no admin ability.


Unfortunately on a server where there are no rules against griefing and everything is destroyable, there is no foolproof way to “trap” enemy players.

  • Any redstone contraption can easily be avoided, as it requires stepping on a pressure plate which can be seen by anyone looking for them.
  • Traps in pitch black can easily be avoided by small investments in torches by an opposing player.

  • Any wall can be tunneled through.

  • Aside from triggering redstone traps, the environment won’t “update” in response to a player, thus any crafty player can avoid all traps with a little resources.

The best way to keep your stuff secure is to hide it. The best way to do this is to use a servers /home and /sethome commands. Simply go deep into the wilderness. Dig deep into the ground and ideally try to find a naturally occurring lava source. Replace the blocks above you and put your chest inside the lava source and /sethome. Even players using x-ray tools will only see the natural lava source (torches are a dead giveaway of a base) and won’t be able to see the chest.

TL;DR: Bases can not be secure, and hiding is difficult from x-raying players. Put a chest in lava and walk away.

Source : Link , Question Author : Nicholas1024 , Answer Author : Resorath

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