How do I make big jungle trees?

I found a jungle biome in my new Minecraft world, but I’m afraid of cutting down the big trees (the ones that are 2 squares wide and long), because I don’t know if I can replant them.

So is it possible to grow new ones with saplings or to spawn them in any other way?


Planting a single jungle sapling will create on of the small jungle trees.

A single jungle saplingA small jungle tree

Placing a group of 4 jungle saplings in a square (and using bonemeal) will make a large jungle tree. I’m not sure if the bone meal is required, or just speeds it up.

4 jungle saplingsA large jungle tree

Apparently not all the saplings need to be jungle saplings, just the one you use bone meal on.
This was patched in MineCraft 1.2.4, and no longer works; all 4 saplings need to be jungle saplings.

Mixed group of saplingsIt still creates a large tree

Source : Link , Question Author : Gigala , Answer Author : IQAndreas

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