How do I make floating sand?

I want sand to just hover in midair and not immediately fall after being placed. Is this possible?


How to create true floating sand

This answer is for how to truly make sand float, and only works for 1 sand block. If you need more than one sand block, true floating sand is not the option for you. See my other answers listed below for the option that best suits you.

  1. Place a door on the ground.
  2. Place a piece of sand on the door.
  3. Break the door by its bottom half. (click on the bottom of the door, not the top)


  • If you need to place more than one floating sand block next to each other, it won’t work. Breaking a door will update the sand blocks diagonally, which means you can’t. Consider using a different strategy. I’ve posted different solutions that may suit you better.
  • Make sure all the surrounding blocks are in place before you break down the door, too! Placing/breaking any block adjacent to the sand will update it and cause it to fall. If you need to change things without making the sand fall, put a door underneath the sand before making changes.


  • String causes an update when you step on it, even if it’s not connected to tripwire hooks. This means that a floating sand with string on top will fall when a player steps on it. This can make for some evil, almost undetectable traps!
  • In Java Edition, this used to be accomplished using a double-tall grass/flower. However this functionality has been removed.

Learn more about sand and string on the Minecraft Wiki:

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