How do I make Guild Wars download all its content at once?

I’ve just reinstalled Guild Wars, without the CDs. I’m using directly the client installer from their site. It downloaded and installed some files for a while, and then it launched. However now, each zone I go to has to download before, if I go there for the first time.

Is there a way to make Guild Wars preload all of its content, instead of retrieving it “on demand”?


Yes, it’s possible. What you have to do is create a new shortcut with the switch -image.

So copy your shortcut to Guild Wars (don’t use your normal shortcut), right-click on it, choose Properties and in the target box add -image so that it looks like
“C:\Program Files\Guild Wars\gw.exe” -image

Mind you that this is a lengthy process, it might even take a couple of hours.

Source : Link , Question Author : Gnoupi , Answer Author : Community

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