How do I make money quickly in Uplink?

What are some ways of making quick money, ( stealing from banks is too dangerous )
Can I make money using the stock market?


The quickest way to make money is to rob a bank.

Therefore, here’s How To Rob A Bank version 2.0:

  • Get to the Intermediate ranking

  • Look for “Trace A Balance Transfer” missions. Accept as many as you can. As you complete them, note down the bank IP and account numbers of the accounts which received the money. You won’t get these missions after you increase in level, so make sure you accept as many as you can.

  • Also, connect to Uplink International Bank and note down their IP and your account number. Alternatively, create an account for yourself at the target bank. Note down the account number.

  • Set up a nice long bounce route. Try to have administrator access on the systems you bounce through, it makes passive traces slower. Use InterNIC as your first bounce.

  • Connect to the bank and bypass or disable the security. Bypass is preferred if you have that option.

  • At the bank login screen, enter the account number of the target account, and use the password cracker to gain access.

  • Once inside, transfer the contents of the account to your Uplink International Bank account, using the details you noted down earlier. Alternatively, if you created an account at the target bank, transfer the money to that account instead.

  • Pull up the target’s bank statement and use the Log Deleter to remove the transfer statement from the target account. If you created an account at the target bank instead, delete the transfer statement showing an input from your account there as well.

  • Disconnect, and then connect to the Uplink International Bank using your saved bounce trail. (you did save it, didn’t you?)

  • Bypass Uplink International Bank’s security. Log in to your account.

  • Delete the statement logs indicating that your account received an input.

  • Connect to InterNIC and delete the bounce logs.

  • You’ll know if you succeeded because you’ll get

    an immediate promotion to Uber-Skilled.

  • Congratulations! You’re a bank robber! You scoundrel.

Source : Link , Question Author : Rohan Monga , Answer Author : Steve V.

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