How do I make my friends keep their stuff when they die in Terraria?

Whenever I host & play in Terraria I get to keep all my stuff when I die, but my friends don’t…
How can I make it so they keep their inventory as well?

I’ve been searching on the interwebs, but everything is all about softcore mode or something, but I don’t have that option. I’m just playing on normal, on a large world with a couple of friends.
Hope you can help 🙂


This is actually your friends fault. If you don’t want to lose items on death you need to set your character to softcore while creating them. Your friends must have accidentally set theirs to mediumcore without thinking about it.

Sadly there is no way to set a character to softcore after creating them so your friends will need to make new characters if they want to keep their items after they die. They can put any items they have on their current character in a chest and then pick them all back up when they make a new character.

Source : Link , Question Author : Kerelll , Answer Author : Robbie

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