How do I make Units efficiently?

I just blew almost all my money on a really cool lookin’ ship. How do I regain solvency without spending a lot of time fiddling around in my inventory?

At the moment I’ve found a sequence of steps that’ll turn 50 carbon and 100 Plutonium into ~5000 Units (by creating Suspension Fluid and then turning it into Electron Vapor). Are there better recipes or sequences of recipes I should look for? Or should I just drop the whole thing and go mine a particular mineral?


One method that’s not incredibly fast but reliable (around 1.5m every half an hour) is to simply go to a space port, look at that ports trader, and note down everything with a gold star next to it that they’ll buy for +90% or more value than galactic average. Then, go down to where the space ships come in and purchase everything in their inventory that will sell to the space ports seller for twice the value. Rinse and repeat ad infinitum.

Source : Link , Question Author : Tacroy , Answer Author : SGR

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