How do I maximize my speed at the beginning of a round?

In rocket league, there is a countdown before you can start driving, but you can start revving your engine before the countdown has finished. You can also choose when to start boosting.

Is there a strategy for when to start your engine, similar to mario kart? Is there also a strategy for your boost? I want to get as many of those precious “first touch” points as I can.


Judging from my experience the best strategy, almost guarantied 100% first touch is to hold accelerate and boost before the match starts, then when you’re all out of boost do a front flips, they give a bit of boost towards the direction you flip.

Using this strategy I’m almost certain to get first touch should I want it (sometimes I let them push the ball towards me and do a fast counter with a flip).

Although if you are a center spawn, and you have a teammate on either side, don’t bother, it’s next to impossible to get first touch in that situation.

Source : Link , Question Author : DJMcMayhem , Answer Author : Иво Недев

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