How do I play Monaco with friends?

I see no obvious way to play Monaco with friends, but surely that must be an available option in a coop game that uses Steamworks?


It’s a bit of a pain. From the main menu:

  1. Select Play Monaco
  2. Pick the mission
  3. Make sure “Play online” is selected, fix with P if necessary.
  4. Select “Custom match” with X
  5. Select “Create match” with X
  6. Make it private, confirm with SPACE or ENTER. If you create a public game, the lobby system will quickly dump people in your game and you won’t be able to add friends 🙁
  7. Pick your class, confirm with SPACE or ENTER
  8. Select custom options with X
  9. Hit Invite Friends with SPACE or ENTER
  10. Do your inviting.

Done! From the same menu you can change the mission, if you want to.

Source : Link , Question Author : badp , Answer Author : badp

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