How do I “power slide”?

To get the “Blue Sparks” challenge I need to “power slide” into enemies to kill them. Since I’ve successfully completed the game without ever killing a single enemy in this way, I apparently don’t know how to do it.

I have (I think) killed several enemies with the Boost ability in cars and I’ve got plenty of progress in the run-stuff-over challenge, so what’s the trick for this one?


Apply the brake while in a turn to power slide. That’s the right bumper on a 360 controller.

This causes the wheels to lose traction, and the vehicle to move sideways.

Power sliding over an enemy – very difficult.

“Blue Sparks” is a reference to Mario Kart Wii, where power sliding builds up blue sparks. These sparks cause you to boost after the power slide is finished.

Power sliding (aka drifting) in other racing games (such as the Burnout series) allows you to corner more sharply.

Source : Link , Question Author : Ben Brocka , Answer Author : Amy B

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