How do I prevent followers from blocking doorways?

I feel great affection for Lydia. She has been a stalwart companion almost from the beginning. Fighting at my side, watching my back, and even sharing my burdens. And she has done it all with no complaint. And no more sarcasm than is justified.

She does have a few bad habits… charging headlong at dragons, for instance. Refusing to break off an attack until the foe is slain. Wandering between me and the bandit I’m trying to incinerate.

Standing in doorways like an unassailable bastion.

So… when dear Lydia has taken it upon herself to confine me to a room by standing in the doorway, how might I convince her to budge?


Just sprint into her, you will push her back; the default key on PC is Alt.

Alternatively, cast the Whirlwind Sprint…

Source : Link , Question Author : Ben Blank , Answer Author : Tamara Wijsman

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