How do I progress past the initial tier of gear/crafting in Terraria?

I’ve been playing Terraria for a few hours. I’ve got the basics understood – I’ve built houses for NPCs, explored, mined resources, etc.

At this point I’ve got a gold Broadsword and some Copper armor. I keep reading about cool stuff on the Terraria wiki, but nearly all of it comes with caveats like “you’d better have a full set of <ridiculous armor> before you try this!”

My question is: what do I do now? I can mine more gold/silver/iron, but that won’t improve my gear by much. I’d like to find a Floating Island, but I have no easy way to fly or find them short of using a mapping tool. I’d like to check out the Dungeon in my world, but there’s no way I’ll be able to defeat its boss with my current gear.

I’m just not sure what exactly my next move(s) should be to progress and get my character to the point where I can explore these advanced areas.

Any tips?


You can go exploring some corrupted/crimson areas (randomly picked at world generation) to destroy the shadow orbs/crimson heart waiting for you at the bottom of chasms.

Each shadow orb/crimson heart destroyed will provide you some loot, and make a meteorite land on the world. Once the meteorite has fallen, go find the site, and mine the meteorite ore. This will allow you to craft some meteorite gear and weapons.

Once you’ve destroyed three shadow orbs/crimson heart, it will make the Eater of Worlds/Brain of Cthulhu spawn, allowing you to fight two different bosses.

Note: The shadow orbs are protected behind some ebonstone/crimstone, which you will not be able to mine with your current pickaxe. Just buy some dynamite from the Demolitionist and use it to access the shadow orb. Or you can buy purification powder from the Dryad, which turns the ebonstone/crimstone into the easily destroyable standard stone.

Source : Link , Question Author : lilserf , Answer Author : angussidney

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