How do I remove arrows stuck in my body?

While traveling down a wintry road, I encountered a man of fine tastes. I can tell this by his great dedication to the improvement of my countenance, evidenced by the several fine body piercings he provided me entirely free of charge.

In the time since, however, I have come to regret my rash attempts at body modification. Meter-long arrows transfixing my chest and one knee seemed quite edgy and avant-garde at the time, but the look seems to have gone mainstream. As a result, my piercings have begun to pall and I greatly look forward to ridding myself of them.

Sadly, they have proven quite stubborn. I have stripped, slept, healed, traveled, and battled but cannot dislodge these troublesome barbs.

Have any of you fine warriors advice for dealing with this all-too-literal thorn in my side?


Some people have had success with the following:

  1. un-equipping/equipping the arrows in their inventory
  2. storing all the arrows in thier inventory into a chest/corpse
  3. Getting shot with more arrows by a bandit, then killing that bandit.

Source : Link , Question Author : Ben Blank , Answer Author : Arkive

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