How do I repair completely broken power armor if it is not already equipped to a suit of power armor?

I acquired several pieces of power armor on my travels with the intent of adding them to my suits sitting around Sanctuary Hills which were all missing certain parts.

The problem is that some of the armor pieces were completely broken, condition was 0 and interestingly weight was also 0.

When I tried to add the armor piece to a suit I get a notification telling me I can’t add armor to a frame if it is broken, so how am I suppose to repair them if they are not part of a suit that can be walked over to a power armor repair station as outlined in this question?

I tried repairing them from my inventory directly at the repair station, adding them to the workshop inventory and repairing them from the armor workbench but none of these worked.

Is it even possible to repair a completely damaged power armor piece and if so how do I do it?


Yes it is possible. The broken armor pieces have to be in your inventory, then you need to go to a power armor station (while not wearing the power armor) and go to craft mode (by pressing A on Xbox One, X on PS4, and E on PC)

Then you can see all the pieces you have in your inventory and you should be able to repair them by pressing Y / Triangle / T, no matter if they’re completely or partially damaged.

Source : Link , Question Author : Colin , Answer Author : Richard de Wit

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