How do I replace the cryptic alphabet font in Fez, so I can read the text?

I quickly discovered that the gibberish written all over the place is a mono-alphabetic cipher. It was easy to crack, but, I’d rather not have to do the replacements by hand (or google that particular translation) every time I want to read something.

Now that the game is out for PC, is there some way to replace the font-files in game so these show up in English?


Fez’s source code has been decompiled (and can easily be done), so it is entirely possible to do this. It, however, has not been done already. Do you want to do it? 😉

You should note, however, that this would only fix the chat with the hexahedron, zu villagers, etc. It would NOT fix the artifacts (including the tome I believe), and any clues thrown about the environment (engraved into walls, etc.) because these are predefined art assets. One would need to edit all of these assets individually in order to translate them.

Cipher for the alphabet:

FEZ cipher for the alphabet

Cipher for the numbers:

FEZ cipher for the numbers

Source : Link , Question Author : BlueRaja – Danny Pflughoeft , Answer Author : JonathanDavidArndt

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