How do I reset the EVs gained for a Pokemon?

Other generations of Pokemon, such as X & Y, had ways to lower or even reset specific EV values when EV training Pokemon.

In Sun & Moon, what options do I have in order to EV train my Pokemon from scratch, or even a Pokemon I received via a trade?


Option 1: The ‘Reset Berries’ are back in this generation, they are acquirable from Berry piles, or from PokePelago. There is a berry for each stat, and they all lower EV by 10 points.

Option 2: New to S&M, you can get ‘Reset Meals’ from the Festival Plaza. I’m unsure what Plaza level is required for them to start appearing.

Sadly, there is no known equivalent to the ‘Reset bag’ from XY/ORAS as of yet.

Source : Link , Question Author : childe , Answer Author : Angzuril

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