How do I restore mana?

I’ve seen wells that fully replenish the mana of a hero that visits, but since that is just a map feature, I can’t always rely on it to be there. How else can I restore the mana of my caster heroes?


You can also restore mana by spending 1 turn in a castle/town that you own that has a mage guild built in it. It will restore the entire mana bar.

There are items:

 Charm of Mana - Hero recovers 1 extra spell point per day
 Talisman of Mana - Hero recovers 2 extra spell points per day
 Mystic Orb of Mana - Hero recovers 3 extra spell points per day

A secondary skill (Mysticism) also boosts daily mana regeneration rate.

Source : Link , Question Author : solmyr , Answer Author : Sorean

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