How do I scare the pants off some henchmen?

In Batman: Arkham City, to earn The End of the Line predator challenge’s Scare Tactics medal, you have to

Appear out of nowhere to surprise a terrified henchman.

What are the best techniques to scare enemies? I can’t frighten anybody. They’re never surprised when they come around a corner and see me. They just signal to their buddies and start shooting.


I just got this one last night. I was almost about to ask a question myself before I figured it out. The answer is two-fold:

  1. They have to be terrified. If you point to them in Detective Vision and you’ll see their current state. You can only scare thugs who are in the “terrified” state. You can increase their terror level by taking out thugs without being spotted. They’ll start yelling things like “we’re all gonna die” and “forget you, it’s every man for himself!” when they’re getting scared. I’ve also read that cutting someone down who is hanging from a vantage point while other thugs are nearby will cause them to become terrified.
  2. You have to appear suddenly. When in the “terrified” state, thugs will randomly switch direction to check and see if you’re behind them. Sneak up behind them, and be there when they check for you 🙂 Other people reported (in that same forum thread) that you can do other things besides sneak up behind them, ie jump out of a grate or glide down in front of him, for instance.

Source : Link , Question Author : splattered bits , Answer Author : agent86

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